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Industrias Cárnicas Camporeal is a company dedicated to providing food solutions based on pork.
We are the subsidiary of the InteMAQ Agrifood Group that is in charge of processing the pigs, producing the different pieces, cuts and processed meat.
Thanks to the vertical integration of the entire production chain, CAMPOREAL provides:

  • Food safety (Integrated Control of Feeding, Breeding, Slaughter, Cutting and Processing).
  • Product homogeneity (same genetics and feeding).
  • Continuity in supply (Own production farms).
  • Product customization (own cutting room).
  • Low carbon footprint (the entire process is done in Andalusia).
  • Rural Development (long-term contracts with ranchers in Andalusia).

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    Products for DISTRIBUTION

    • Head of Loin w/ Bone
    • Head of Loin on Bone
    • Steak Center s/Head and s/Sirloin
    • Solomillos
    • Ribs
    • rib strips
    • Pancetas
    • jowls
    • pig tails
    • handyman
    • Paws
    • Kidneys
    • livers
    • Hearts
    • languages
    • Faces
    • Slight
    • fresh sausage
    • Cured Chorizo
    • Spicy Cured Chorizo
    • Blood sausage
    • Cular sausage
    • Cular Sausage
    • Cut sausage
    • Cut Chorizo
    • Serrano ham
    • Shoulder Cold Cut 11×11
    • burgers
    • suckling pig mini burger
    • russian steaks