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Industrias Cárnicas Camporeal belongs to the company Agroalimentaria Integraciones Maqueda SL.

This company's mission is to offer the market pork meat of stable, safe and homogeneous quality and high food safety. Our meat comes from pigs raised under current welfare standards and we take care that these conditions are maintained over time. All this is only possible thanks to the policy of verticalization and complete traceability of our product to its origin.


Our differentiation in the meat market lies in having focused on the homogeneity of the product. This is only possible thanks to the direct control exercised by the agricultural and livestock subsidiary of the IMAQ PORCINO group over genetics, the piglet production farms, the fattening farms, the insemination center and the manufacture of feed. In this way, our meat comes from pigs of the same genetics, raised under the same conditions and fed with feed suitable for their needs at all times.


Fresh and frozen meat.
Homogeneous, healthy pork, of stable quality, safe and of high food safety.
To any market and any channel.
Processed Meats.

Also in our meat products we differentiate ourselves by the raw material, the meat comes from pigs raised by our agricultural subsidiary.
We have a manufacturing plant for all our fresh, cooked, dried and roasted products, with the curing process outsourced.


We address ourselves to national or international companies that demand these qualities of quality and homogeneity in pork. Cutting rooms, communities, HORECA, food distributors, etc.

We adapt to any format, from the pork carcass to be processed by the client to the filleting of the different pieces.

Our meat products are destined for the HORECA channel. They have an artisan and homemade character that makes them different from those of industrial manufacture.

CAMPORAL contributes:

Food safety (Integrated Control of Feeding, Breeding, Slaughter, Cutting and Processing).

  • Different Pork Meat ( DUROC genetics provides tenderness, flavor and juiciness).
  • Product homogeneity (same genetics and feeding).
  • Continuity in supply (Own production farms).
  • Product customization (own cutting room).
  • Low carbon footprint (the entire process is done in Andalusia).
  • Rural Development (long-term contracts with ranchers in Andalusia).


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    CAMPOREAL Meat Industries
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